About Us

Daj Programming is a digital campaign conducted worldwide by Asia Teknikal (Reg.No. 002125360-K) which promotes business & organizations globally. Our business partner's client ranges are from personal up to public listing companies today.

Daj Programming's ultimate motive is to provide the very best of technology service to clients all over the globe as well as providing effective advertisements for the business partners.
Daj Programming is made up of skilled & certified professionals at their work in promoting & delegating tasks circling the professional partners. Daj Programming promotes the partner's business to the respective public & achieve clients for the partner's business.

Daj Programming is currently promoting Web/ App Development Services for software organization regards to Full-Stack Development on eCommerce, Website, & Mobile Apps (IOS & ANDROID).



Our vision is to become a prime performer in the global marketplace by providing all sorts of highly innovative software, web, app & internet technology services that will drive our clients' business towards growth & sustenance. Global performance is the dream of every company & we would like to humbly achieve it through our work & reputation for the world.



Our mission is to achieve our goal to create & maintain well-designed web, app & technologies for business, organizations & individuals. Working with the client we will create an attractive, informative & reasonably priced development that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations & needs.
We will also offer a full range of support services, including training, web hosting, web domain, web designs, web email, search engine optimizations, google advertisements, customer services & many other in order to provide the best possible Internet experience for our clients. We promise to protect the privacy & integrity of our client’s information & the security & reliability of their development presence.
We will always operate in a professional & prompt manner with a focus on utmost customer satisfaction.


Core Values

Our core values aims to achieve utmost customer satisfaction & integrity.

Strong Support Service

Good news, we provide tranings for our clients on their developed web & app to assure our client's business success.

Interactive & Fun

Yes, we attend our clients the soonest possible in our business hours from 9am-5pm for inquiries & customer care to assure client satisfaction.

Warranted & Productive

Yay, we do provide warranty & prompt service for all our development to assure client security.

Transparent & Quality

Huge, we practice transparency in all our development as our necessity profession rule. Our developments are engineered by certified & skilled software engineers with multiple technology experience.
Our developments are long term scalable which means the developments are flexible & stable for future developments to assure client's business growth.

Copyright & Trustworthy

Special, our clients receive the sole copyright for every of their purchased developments without any restrictions to assure client integrity.
We deliver all development & it's copyright perfectly to our clients without any business gimmicks, tricks, baits, games, cheats or any hidden charges or rules.

Client Privacy

Definitely, we promise to keep all of our client's information & their development presence private & confidential without sharing it to any third party to assure client's peace & wellness.

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